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Sozolife International School (SLISCH)

Sozolife International School (SLISCH) is a registered Christian International School under the Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE) - South Africa running an American Pace Based Individualised Christian Curriculum (A.C.E) - Accelerated Christian Education that leads to ICCE. An Internationally recognised certificate of Education.
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Accelerated Christian Education.
Individualised curriculum basing on a Learner’s Pace Bible based, reinforce sound biblical values and Character-Building Curriculum

At Sozolife International School we Nurture holistically. We offer A holistic centered approach focused on academic achievement, social skills, character building, discipline, confidence building and independence.

At Sozolife International School, we believe that learning is the ongoing process of discovering and exploring new interests and developing an intrinsic, lifelong love of gaining new knowledge, skills and understanding to become a fully rounded citizen.

Sozolife International School uses the best possible education program that ensures both academic rigour and values-based education which encourages cognitive skills, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, through the A.C.E curriculum. Learning is also done through engaging and challenging activities where students can innovate, take risks, and reflect. Learners receive personalised feedback.

AEE (Accelerated Education Enterprise) the proud distributor of Accelerated Christian Education.